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Kennington Farms

100% Alpaca Fiber - 100 Yards, 2-Ply

100% Alpaca Fiber - 100 Yards, 2-Ply

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100% All Natural Alpaca Yarn! Roughly 100 yards, 2-ply, sport weight skeins.

Kennington Farms is a small, but growing alpaca farm in Nova Scotia, Canada and for the first time, we're selling our alpaca skeins. Whether you want to create shawls, scarves or throws, our beautiful animals have got you covered.

We're also a small business, so any money spent with us goes a long way. Especially given the pace we're adding new alpacas to the herd!

Like all of our skeins, each one is hypoallergenic, contains no lanolin and comes straight from our alpacas right here on the ranch!

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