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Knitted Newborn Alpaca Booties

Knitted Newborn Alpaca Booties

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Introduce your little one to the gentle touch of our 100% alpaca hand-knitted newborn booties, lovingly crafted from fiber sourced directly from our very own alpacas. Each pair of these delightful booties is made exclusively from the softest alpaca fiber, ensuring they are not only incredibly soft but also completely hypoallergenic, perfect for your baby's sensitive skin.

Because there is no lanolin in pure alpaca wool, it is hypoallergenic and safe for allergy sufferers to wear, meaning that there is almost 0% that alpaca wool could induce an allergic reaction of itchiness, redness or irritation on your skin. Some people still experience irritation due to extremely sensitive skin

Our alpaca booties are designed for ultimate comfort, offering a snug fit that keeps tiny toes warm without constricting movement. Unlike other materials, alpaca fiber is naturally non-itchy, providing warmth without irritation. This makes them ideal for keeping your newborn’s feet cozy in any weather, thanks to alpaca's excellent thermal regulation properties.

Ideal for gifting, each pair is distinct, echoing the unique characteristics of the fiber used. Choose our hand-knitted alpaca booties for a blend of sustainable luxury, hypoallergenic comfort, and rustic elegance.

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